How it works

How and why does the Ego card really "work"?

What is the difference between the Ego card and other digital business cards?

The Ego card has a large number of convenient functions, and this is what distinguishes it from other electronic business cards.

Contacts, social networks, personal photo, QR code - this is a standard set for any card that you can make yourself on the Internet for free or some money.

Additional target functions contained in the Ego: a thematic set of photos, education, biography, company information, addresses, presentations, banking details, etc.  - give maximum information about you to your counterpart.  These functions bring the Ego map to a higher level in the rating of similar tools, namely, in solving the main task: - to arouse real, substantive interest in the interlocutors, stimulating cooperation.

Small additional functions such as "related contacts", the route to the office in the navigator program, the use of your own domain, statistics and much more, coupled with the above, make the Ego card a unique tool for successful work.

Namely, the very first impression that you so want to make on your addressee will be provided with maximum effect.

But the main thing about the Ego card is its design. The elements of the card include a "greeting", which is something similar to a first-person monologue from the cardholder who talks about himself. Who are you, what do you do and in what can you be useful to your addressee.

You can write the text of the "greeting" yourself as it is convenient for you, you can edit it at any time, depending on your desire or mood.

Thus, your Ego card "comes to life" and, as it were, communicates itself, for you, telling who you are.

The whole range of card functions, taking into account the "smart design", makes it unique and this makes it different from other electronic business cards.