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Digital Business Card
Unique business card is a tool for business, designed for any level of managers, representatives of service companies, individual entrepreneurs, top managers.
A card for those who need to remember you
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EGO appearance —
What is EGO
– is a link to your personal Internet page, e.g.
This is your new and unique business card!
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When you will need EGO Card

Just at the moment when your new friend asks you to tell about yourself, or the client asks for your e-mail address, or the potential partner shows an interest in your hobby.

In all cases of interest in you, you will be able to use the EGO Digital Business Card for its intended purpose. You will always be ready to provide information about yourself quickly and with high quality.

Sending EGO
Sending is very easy. As a link you can send it by any convenient way - via WhatsApp, Email, Viber, Telegram, etc.
Examples of filling and color performance of EGO cards
My name is Alexander Evdokimov. And I have
my own personal

Why should you order the same business card? It's as simple as that!

In today's world, more and more people use the Internet to share information. Your potential partners, customers, suppliers are wasting a lot of time looking for information about your person. Trying to find something positive or negative. They have absolutely no time to listen to the story about who You are and why You are "on the way". And the question is: "Tell us about yourself", "What do you do?", "Why should I believe You?» they are asked less and less often. There's no time! Give them the opportunity to save time and get first-hand information about You. Just send them an EGO. With contacts, photos, useful information, links, and everything that you think is valuable to them. It creates a "WOW!" effect. You can only make a first impression once. The EGO acts as the Foundation of your "portrait". Isn't it? It will be better if it is accompanied by a pleasant surprise.

Alexander Evdokimov, the founder of EGO Digital Business Card Technology