How to make a fancy EGO card, make an imprssion on partners and clients.

To make an EGO card, there is a quite simple designer (Master) where you can work independently, enter required information, change or add something new.



At first, you shall sign up. For this purpose, click link and in the left column click on “SIGN UP”. Enter your oncoming  username, actual e-mail and password for access to the Personal Profile.

Then, you will receive a notice on e-mail where you will be proposed to confirm your actual e-mail and you can access to your Profile.


At the Profile you shall add “New card”.

Enter your card name. Name and surname, as a rule. Such name will be used when sending your card to a recipient.

Enter your further link to your card. Surname and name or any other, at your option.


Important: you can further change card or link name.


Then, after data saving, you will go to the Master to make your EGO card.


When entering into the Master, you will get started on the interface homepage. It includes seven blocks which you will deal with.

BLOCK 1 – EGO Homepage

BLOCK 2 – Contacts

BLOCK 3 – Education

BLOCK 4 – Photos

BLOCK 5 – Biography

BLOCK 6 – Business (Company)

BLOCK 7 – Ready


Any of seven blocks can be omitted by turning off its image on the map. For this purpose, each block has a button in the foot “Do not reflect this block”.



To make EGO card more complete (use seven blocks), you shall prepare:

  1. Your photo to place in BLOCK 1 (on cover page) of the card. To understand photo dimensions, see recommendation on If following such instructions, your photo will look well-balanced on the card.
  2. Logo of your company to place in BLOCK 2 and BLOCK 6. 
  3. Few photos (up to 10) to place in the block PHOTOS. For example, daily routine photos or professional photos demonstrating your activities, hobbies and any other photos you would like to show to a person who will open your EGO card.
  4. Document on education, diplomas and any other photos that, in your opinion, demonstrate your knowledge and professional skills.
  1. Text of biography or description of your professional work experience interesting for your potential partner or client.


Finally, you are ready to make your fancy EGO card. Let’s get started with blocks.

Important: in each block in the right there is a tab “Review”. Opening it, you can see how your card block looks like at the moment. All your changes will be saved in “Review” and it is easy to use it when dealing with blocks to check how it will look on your card.


BLOCK 1 – EGO homepage.     

Fill in the line with your name and surname.

State your title in your company, role or status. It will depends on specification of your business. For example, “Director General”, “Manager” or “Accountant”. Or status “Man of good intent”.  Or activity profile: “master of style”, “geophysicist” or “taxi driver”.  In any case, this line will be below your name and surname.


Choose text color – white or black. It depends on homepage color. Choose that well-balanced. Black color will be chosen by default.

Selection of page background. Official EGO background will be chosen by default (dark blue with EGO logos); you can change it, at your option.


To change the background, you may choose any from our EGO library. By clicking the first “+”, you will be able to choose various backgrounds, from abstract to specific (IT, Aviation, Construction, Finance and etc.) developed by EGO for various business activities.


If you wish, you can select your own background you like. For this purpose, click the first “+” and download background from your library, by choosing any image you like. Download your company’s logo. By clicking “+” for the third time, you can download previously prepared logo. It is better to prepare logo in .jpeg or .png format. In this case, it will look well-balanced on your background.


Download your fancy photo. It is one of the main elements in your EGO card. Thus, the photo shall be perfect. Carefully read instructions on and choose the best in your portfolio. By clicking “+” for the fourth time, download a file with your photo. Master Program will automatically remove background on the photo and propose to cut off the photo for the suitable size.


Do not forget to click a tab “Review” to check how your further EGO card will be changed. 

Then, you will be proposed to enter links to your accounts in social networks that will be displayed  on the card cover page as the related icons. You can choose one or more social networks, at your discretion, among the given list (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, VK, LinkedIn).


BLOCK 1 is ready! It is the uppermost and the most complex block.


BLOCK 2 – Contacts

Perhaps, this block is the most informative for your recipients.

Enter your phone number and e-mail.

Then, you can enter your contacts for messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Signal and WeChat. All these contacts will be displayed as the related icons in the Block.

In this block, EGO Master will automatically generate two links as banners:

  1. QR-code of your card that is always visible and you can provide it to your new fellow to be scanned. When scanning QR—code, he will get link to your EGO card and can open it with his smartphone.


  1. Banner for adding contacts. Clicking it, the recipient can add your basic information (photo, surname, name, title, company’s name, phone, e-mail and site) to his notebook. VCard to be added will include the link to EGO card.


Important: you can change the name in blocks 3, 4, 5 and 6.

For example, instead of EDUCATION you can write DIPLOMAS, CERTIFICATES, PATENTS, RECORDS or DOCUMENTS. Any name, at your discretion, shall be accepted by the Master.

You can replace the block PHOTOS with MY WORKS, PORTFOLIO, PRODUCTS, ACHIEVEMENTS and etc.


Accordingly, you can replace the block BIOGRAPHY to ABOUT ME or ABOUT US or INFORMATION and etc, depending on the text you intent to enter into this block.

Block Business (Company) may be also changed.


Block 3 – Education

This block is optional (as others), i.e. you can use it, at your discretion.

You will be proposed to choose background for this block. Algorithm of background selection is similar to such in Block 1. Use similar or various  backgrounds. When your card is ready, you can change backgrounds and make such design you like most of all.    

Then, clicking on “+”, you can add photos of documents, diplomas, certificates, endorsements, permits and any other materials that may describe your education, skills or authorities. There is descriptive option per each added document in order to add name of institution, name of courses or other important education program to the photo. 


BLOCK 4 – Photos

In this block you can add a set of photos that   may describe you as a person, products you manufacture, your activity or hobby. Any photos can create the first impression of your personality or thing you wish to provide in your business card.


Background is understandable – algorithm remains unchanged as in the previous blocks.

You can add any photos in any format. Quality will be saved. In general, you can add up to 10 photos which you perhaps prepared before making the card. You can easily interchange them, changing their places using the mouse or pulling over on smartphone display. 


If you have some new interesting photo worthy to be placed in your card, just add it removing photo of no great concern.


BLOCK 5 – Biography

It is a text block where you can add your biography, description of your professional experience, any important events and all things you think to be worthy. Do not forget to rename this block if you wish to add any other text, other than biography.


BLOCK 6 – Business (Company)

This block is important in view of company representation where you work and information on company or activity to be provided to your recipient. There are many useful lines.


Let’s do things in the right order.

Enter your company’s name. It will be in the block heading.

Fill in the lines of phone number and e-mail. You can use the same data as in the Block 1 or change them for corporate contacts.

Then, you can enter a brief description of company, its activity or any other information important for the recipient.

Then, enter company’s name.


Three empty lines will allow you to enter any additional links to company or its activity with related description. There may be links to specific services, branches or representative offices, interview and etc.      


Then, you shall add company’s logo using the same algorithm as in the Block 1. It will appear next to your company’s name.

You can add parameters of width and length for company’s address if you wish information on company to include icon with link to Yandex.Nagivation that will open the related application and fix a route to your office.

Then, add links to corporate accounts in social networks Facebook and Instagram. 

Complete this block choosing background suitable for you.


That's all. You get started with Block 7 and your card is ready. You can see how it will look if you open a tab “Review” when filling in each block. Even if you forgot to do so, in this block you can:

  1. Look through your ready EGO card. Do it on computer, smartphone or sketch board to ensure the card is customized for all devices. Pay great attention at card appearance on smartphone as 99% of your recipients will open your card using smartphone.
  2. Receive an original link to your card previously created when signing up.
  3. Pay for your card if you like it and you are ready to use it in your business process.

Important: unpaid card with the link can be visibly to you only.  For a long term and free of charge. If you sent a link to anyone, he/she will not see your card, it will be unavailable and can be opened only after activation when you make a payment. 

Rates are given in details on


Helpful advices:

  • You can change any data in your card at any time. Texts, names, phone numbers, e-mails, photos, images or logos.
  • You can order your personal or corporate design of backgrounds and use them making your card 100% unique.
  • You can apply all changes and supplements EGO developers will provide to you in the process of improving the Master and card design.

You can write down your wishes for changing or adding helpful and useful functions to the Master required for your business and we will make such changes for you.